The Labour Court Makes a Recommendation on the Pension issue.

The Labour Court heard the case referred to it on the Defined Benefit Pension Scheme on the 16th November.

The Three Unions were represented at the hearing ( GSU SIPTU and CONNECT)

The Industrial Relations News has published a piece on the recommendation which is included below for members information.

The main points of the recommendation are as follows.

  • The Court accepts that (such) an engagement will require dedicated periods of intense engagement across and accepted time frame. The Court is satisfied that the Workplace Relations Commission(WRC) is in a position to facilitate such an engagement and to make itself available in the manner foreseen.
  • In all of those circumstances the Court recommends that the parties should engage the services of the WRC to facilitate and engagement across a four-month time-frame to achieve an agreed resolution.

The Recommendation also states that:

That process should  involve an initial engagement at principal level at the WRC to draw up an agreed framework for engagement .

Any matters that are not agreed at the end of the four month period may be referred back to the Court for final and definitive recommendation.


Please click here to read the Article in The Industrial Relations News on the Labour Court recommendation    IRN Diageo LCR 1118

The Guinness Staff Union Executive Committee

The Current Executive Committee of the GSU is :

Chair  Mark Power ( Sales )

Aaron Sullivan ( Operations Distribution)  Kevin OByrne ( Brewing)

Jennifer Spurling ( Finance/ Procurement)  Gerry McGovern -Retired Members ( Non Voting )

Stephen Stafford ( Diageo Ireland )  Eddie Dunne ( Brewing )

John Power ( Sales )  Mark Crawley ( Brewing )

Sean Mackin ( Quality)   Brenda Murray  ( Brewing )

Michael Gillespie  ( Sales)  Siobhan Kearns ( Operations Distribution)

Sean Murphy ( Brewing ) Jo Thornton  ( Medical )

Gavin Dowdall ( Sales ) Berni Weldon ( HR/ Medical )

Carl Cooney ( Brewing ) Nigel Moran ( Brewing

Sylvia Murphy ( Marketing )  Gavin McKenna  ( Guinness Storehouse)


The Diageo European Forum

The Diageo European Forum ( The DEF) is a forum constituted under the European Works Councils (EWC) which is a directive of the European Union.

The DEF will meet this year from the 13th to the 15th November.

The DEF comprises of staff Union and Management representative of Diageo  in the European Union and the various  Diageo European markets.

Senior management also attend the DEF and there is ample opportunity for dialogue between the Union Staff Reps and the Senior Management team.


The GSU has a number of seats on the DEF and we have raised important issues with senior management which have been endorsed by our colleagues in other European markets . In some of these markets there is little or no Trade Union organisation .

The GSU at the last forum meeting in November 2017 raised the issues of , Stress in the workplace, well being of staff, Job Security . We also supported a number of issues that were raised by other colleague Unions and Staff.

If there is an issue that you feel that the GSU should be raising at the DEF please get in touch and share your ideas or suggestions . The Executive Committee of the GSU will look at all issues and prioritize what our delegates should be putting on the agenda for this years Diageo European Forum in November .


The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) as part of its Housing Campaign is holding a luchtime event on Wednesday 3rd of October at 12.30pm outside Dail Eireann Kildare Street

Click here to see the ICTU LEAFLET ON THE EVENT       .raise the roof

This is part of a long running campaign which the GSU has been involved in which included .

The publishing of a detailed set of proposals aimed at dealing with the current housing crisis.

A well attended debate at the ICTU Conference in July 2017 , at which the GSU had a motion on housing passed.

Lobbying of T.Ds on the key demands of the campaign.

The event on the 3rd October presents the opportunity for the Trade Union movement and its members to get behind this important issue and make it a trade union issue. The provision of housing and the affordability of housing is now a real problem for all workers with the increase in rents , the lack of affordable housing in the urban areas , the homeless crisis and families being evicted from rented accommodation , families living out of hotel rooms to name just some of this huge social crisis.

The GSU is encouraging as many members of the Union as possible to attend this event. Please get in touch if you are in a position to attend and we will get back to you to inform you of where the GSU will assemble on the day for the event.

email  or  or telephone the GSU on 01 6435743 if you can attend .

This is a lunchtime event designed for workers so if you can spare the time please attend the ICTU Housing Event at Dail Eireann 12.30pm the 3rd October . Thank you Colleagues.


The Workplace Relation Commission Proposal On the Total Reward Framework .

Members will by now be aware that the Workplace Relations Commission(WRC) proposal on the Total Reward Framework (TRF)of the 23rd May will be subject to a ballot vote of all eligible Guinness Staff Union Members who are in the TRF.

The Union will have held eight members meetings by the time the ballot commences .

Members will participate in the ballot via email.

Members have now received the full WRC proposal together with a circular from the GSU on the proposal  and details of the Executive Committee decision to recommend  the proposal.

It will now be up to members to decide on the proposal by emailing their vote to the Union when asked to do so . The Ballot will be open until the 28th June at noon.

All members will receive a summary of the Proposal and  clarification  on issues raised  at the various members meetings by Friday the 8th June .

When members get this summary from the GSU they should read it carefully together with the personal guide issued by the Company. Members  can  then follow the instruction contained in the email in order to cast their preference as  either :


FOR the Proposal


AGAINST the proposal.

The Ballot will be reconciled by the Hon Treasurer of the Union.

Note– Further details on the Ballot will be emailed to each member.

A message From the General Secretary

We would like to thank all those members who attended the Annual General Meeting of The Guinness Staff Union which was held on the 14th March in the Parochial Hall James Street.

The meeting was well attended despite the very bad weather on the day.  A summary of the report is available.


The Executive Committee will be following up on the AGM with a series of consultation meetings with the members on current issues . The details of these meetings will be posted shortly

Diageo European Forum

The Guinness Staff Union is an active participant in The Diageo European Forum ( DEF)

The DEF operates under the directive of the European Works Councils ( EWC) a directive  of the European Union.

At this years DEF held between the 31st October and 3rd November the employee side which represents employees across the various European Markets including Ireland, the UK, Iberia, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland and more   put forward some  agreed agenda items  on behalf of Union Members and Staff. These included :

  • Job Security –  Retention of Staff   – No Pension in some markets.
  •  The Value Survey –   Diversity in the workplace.
  • Brexit and the possible impact on employment.

Senior management gave presentations on the Company performance and plans.

This is a valuable forum and has had excellent input from the GSU over the years .

Our colleague Tony Maher of the TEEU who had been in the chair of the DEF for a number of years stood down this year and will be replaced by Nick Smith .  Tony has done an excellent job as the Chairman over the years and is held in high esteem by all of the employees attending the DEF ,the GSU thanks Tony for all his work and efforts and we wish Nick well in his new role and will ensure that he has the support of the GSU in moving the DEF forward.

The Guinness Staff Union Annual General Meeting 2018


Please Click on the rule book to review our current rules.


The A.G.M. of The Guinness Staff Union takes place on Wednesday 14th March at 4.30pm in the Parochial Hall James Street Dublin 8.

The venue is right beside James St Church and across from the Medical Center in James Gate.

All benefit members are welcome to attend .

If members wish to have a resolution or amendment to the rules  considered at the A.G.M. they should send the text of their resolution to the Union before 1st February signed by themselves and another member of the Union.

The Agenda will be –

  • Apologies
  • Election of tellers
  • Record of the previous A.G.M.
  • Chairman’s address
  • Executive Committee report
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Resolutions / amendments
  • Close of Meeting.

The minutes of last years A.G.M will be sent to all members in advance of the 14th March. If members have queries in relation to this years A.G.M. please email  or telephone the Union Office at 01 6435743