Successful Annual General Meeting of the Guinness Retired Staff Association

The AGM of the GRSA took place on the 17th May. The meeting was well attended and was a great opportunity for retired members to meet and hear what was a very comprehensive report from the chair of the GRSA Gerry McGovern.
The financial report was delivered by Philomena McCabe.
The AGM is also a great source of information for the retired members and they get the chance to hear what the GRSA Committee is doing on their behalf over the year.
This years AGM was also an opportunity for The General Secretary of The Guinness Staff Union John Dunne to inform the members of what has been going on during the year in relation to Pay negotiations, reorganisation and other issues that the Union is involved in on an ongoing basis.

If any retired member or deferred pension member wants to join the GRSA please email us for an application form at or Contact the Union office at 107 James Street Dublin 8 , or telephone 01- 6435743.