The Guinness Staff Union will put housing Motion to Congress Conference

The Guinness Staff Union will propose a motion on the Housing Crisis at The Irish Congress of Trade Unions Conference in Belfast which takes place between the 3rd and the 6th July
The GSU will endorse the recently published document from the Nevin Institute which seeks to promote a European cost rental model and also socialise the cost of new affordable Housing through a designated Housing Company providing the badly needed houses across the Country.
Our own members have told us that the Housing issue is of huge concern to them and our younger members are finding it more difficult to secure accommodation as the costs associated with providing a home be it renting or buying are rising faster now than at any time in the past eight years said John Dunne the GSU General Secretary
The cost of renting in Dublin range from €1032 to €1911 per month depending on area . This makes it extremely difficult for any young worker if they wish to save for a deposit which is set at 20% of the total Mortgage value. Trade Unions across Ireland want the Housing Emergency addressed through adapting the proposals contained in the Nevin Institute document.