Staying in Contact with the Guinness Staff Union.

The GSU continues to work on behalf of the members of the Union while adhering to the guidelines and advice issued and updated by the H.S.E and Government. . The Union has continued to meet members through ZOOM and phone and email contact.

If any member needs advice on any employment issue or needs assistance with a question etc. please contact the Union by email at:

Phone the Guinness Enterprise Centre 01 4100600

The Guinness Staff Union C/O The Guinness Enterprise Centre Taylors Lane Dublin 8

Best Regards to all members and stay safe.

STOP 67 Campaign update

Members may recall that last January 2020 the GSU participated in the Stop 67 Campaign in conjunction with our colleagues in a number of other Trade Unions ( CONNECT SIPTU FORSA CWU and others )and civic organisations.

The campaigns primary aim was to stop the introduction of a new retirement age for qualification for the State Pension.

This was due to be introduced in January 2021 where the retirement age for qualification of the state pension scheme would go from where it is currently at 66 years of age to 67 years of age.

It is very important to note that the Government has decided not to introduce that change,  so 66 years of age remains the age for entitlement to the State Pension benefit . A commission to examine all aspects of pensions has also been established with Trade Union representation.

There are many other issue which the Trade Unions wish to raise on behalf of members in relation to the provision of pensions , but this is an important Victory for Trade Unionism and its partners in the campaign like Age Action Ireland , the GSU is proud to have made some contribution to the campaign and will continue to do so.

New Benefits for GSU Members


As a result of the affiliation agreement between the GSU and SIPTU a number of benefits are now available to GSU members which were previously enjoyed by SIPTU members only.

They include group rates on Car House and Travel Insurance. GSU Members are now also entitled to join the Jim Larkin Credit Union .

Simply click on the GSU Members Benefits Button above to find out more.