THE GRSA and the GSU Supports the Pension Promise Campaign

The Pensions Promise Campaign includes SIPTU, Age Action, The National Women’s Council, the Senior Citizen’s Parliament and Active Retirement Ireland, and will work with other unions and with civil society allies to ensure that the Government’s commitments to retired and older people are honored.

Members of the Union and of The Guinness Retired Staff Association (GRSA) are invited to attend public meetings around the Country to explain what the campaign is about and how it is interacting with the political process in order to influence Government policy and ensure that Government commitments are kept.

The ‘Roadmap for Pension Reform of 2018’ contains a commitment to a state contributory pension payment of no less than 34% of average earnings. The Government has repeatedly indicated this benchmark as the minimum adequate payment for the state contributory pension.

The current weekly rate of the state pension is €265.30. This is €53 per week short of the Government’s commitment of €318 per week.

Pensions Promise Campaign public meetings:

From 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

  • Monday 19th June – Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin
  • Monday 26th June – Connolly Hall, Cork
  • Monday 3rd July – Galmont Hotel, Galway
  • Monday 10th July – Granville Hotel, Waterford
  • Monaghan to be confirmed