About the Union

The Guinness Staff Union is the largest trade union in Guinness in Ireland, representing over 1400 members. The Guinness Staff Union was originally known as the Guinness Staff Association. The Association was founded in 1969 and affiliated to Congress in 1979. In March 1999 the Association was renamed the Guinness Staff Union.

GSU General Secretary Objectives of the Guinness Staff Union

The GSU is governed by its rule book which is agreed by the members.

The main objectives of the union are:

  • To regulate generally the relations between the employer and the employees.
  • To establish funds for the support and administration of the Union.
  • To cooperate with other bodies whose aims are similar to the Union (most importantly the Irish Congress of Trade Unions – ICTU).
  • To further the members’ interests through the agreed Industrial Relations procedures.

107 St. James’ Street,
Dublin 8
Tel : +353 (0)1 6435484