Why you should join the union

Why should you join or ask a Colleague to Join the GSU?

  1. Trade Union Representation at workplace and third party level (the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court)
  2. A say in your terms and conditions of employment – the GSU Negotiates with the company and is licensed to do so.
  3. Involvement in company reorganisation – Have your views represented and get sound advice from an experienced trade union.
  4. Pension benefits. The various pension schemes in operation in our workplace are among the best in Ireland.
  5. Medical benefits. The Union ensures that members enjoy decent medical benefits.
  6. Pay and Reward. The GSU  has a major role in protecting the pay and bonus structure and where possible improving these benefits on behalf of our members.
  7. Enhanced Voluntary Severance Terms- In the event that a member’s job are impacted due to reorganisation the GSU has negotiated one of the best severance agreements in operation in Ireland .
  8. Sick Pay scheme. The Diageo sick pay scheme is a key benefit which the Union is fully supportive of.
  9. By joining the GSU you help to protect these and other benefits which the Union negotiated with the Company.
  10. Be part of the biggest civil society organisation in Ireland – the trade union movement.