BREXIT : Congress calls for Urgent Plan to ” Save Jobs & protect Employment Standards”

ICTU Private Sector Bulletin Spring 2017.

In Light of the very serious threat to many thousands of jobs in the manufacturing and services sector, Congress will now seek an urgent engagement with the Government, opposition parties and business groups such as IBEC, with a view to ensuring that the Brexit negotiations deliver an poutcome that protects and maintains workers livelihoods and supports high standards of employment.

Brexit presents us with and unparalleled challenge that will require a clear, co-ordinated and strategic response.

Current E.U. rules and short term thinking should not be used as an excuse when addressing the potentially devastating economic  impact of Brexit, a process that itself raises doubts about the very future of the European project.


Congress has published a short report on current employment in Ireland broken down by Sector in the Manufacturer and Services industries and the implications for Brexit on jobs .The report is available on