Staying in Contact with the Guinness Staff Union.

The GSU continues to work on behalf of the members of the Union while adhering to the guidelines and advice issued and updated by the H.S.E and Government. . The Union has continued to meet members through ZOOM and phone and email contact.

If any member needs advice on any employment issue or needs assistance with a question etc. please contact the Union by email at:

Phone the Guinness Enterprise Centre 01 4100600

The Guinness Staff Union C/O The Guinness Enterprise Centre Taylors Lane Dublin 8

Best Regards to all members and stay safe.

STOP 67 Campaign update

Members may recall that last January 2020 the GSU participated in the Stop 67 Campaign in conjunction with our colleagues in a number of other Trade Unions ( CONNECT SIPTU FORSA CWU and others )and civic organisations.

The campaigns primary aim was to stop the introduction of a new retirement age for qualification for the State Pension.

This was due to be introduced in January 2021 where the retirement age for qualification of the state pension scheme would go from where it is currently at 66 years of age to 67 years of age.

It is very important to note that the Government has decided not to introduce that change,  so 66 years of age remains the age for entitlement to the State Pension benefit . A commission to examine all aspects of pensions has also been established with Trade Union representation.

There are many other issue which the Trade Unions wish to raise on behalf of members in relation to the provision of pensions , but this is an important Victory for Trade Unionism and its partners in the campaign like Age Action Ireland , the GSU is proud to have made some contribution to the campaign and will continue to do so.

New Benefits for GSU Members


As a result of the affiliation agreement between the GSU and SIPTU a number of benefits are now available to GSU members which were previously enjoyed by SIPTU members only.

They include group rates on Car House and Travel Insurance. GSU Members are now also entitled to join the Jim Larkin Credit Union .

Simply click on the GSU Members Benefits Button above to find out more.

Trade Union Institute looks at impact of COVID 19 on the Economy

The Nevin Trade Union Institute which is supported by The Irish Congress of Trade Unions(ICTU) of which The Guinness Staff Union ( GSU) is an affiliate, publishes economic analysis from a Trade Union perspective and gives advice to Trade Unions on a wider range of Economic issues like , Pay and Taxation Policy as well as Housing and Health Care.

The Nevin institutes Dr Tom McDonnell wrote an article that was published on the 31st March which we believe should be of interest to all Trade Union Members and the wider public . Tom has assisted the Private Sector Committee of the ICTU ( Which the GSU is a member of)over many years in relation to Pay and Pensions among other matters.

This article outlines the short and medium terms economic challenges from COVID 19  as well as offering  solutions to offset a return to recession and austerity

Please click below to read this very interesting article.



The Guinness Staff Union Continues to operate as normally as we can while fully conforming to the COVID 19 restrictions currently in operation.

Members can continue to contact the Union through the normal email contacts .

The HSE has produced a booklet that is available on WWW.HSE.IE   It covers the latest advice that the Government is giving on the disease and how the public should behave during this EMERGENCY.

Also click on the link below to see the HSE COVID 19 symptoms poster .

In the meantime we wish all of our members active and retired good health and stay safe and well by observing the advice issued by the Government and the HSE .

Reliable information is also available on the Coronavirus COVID 19 at

The Irish Congress Of Trade Unions ( ICTU) has also been very active on behalf of all Workers in relation to lobbying for the introduction of The Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme  which is keeping Hundreds of Thousands of Irish Workers connected with their Companies during the Emergency . The aim of this subsidy is that thousands of Workers can return to their employments when the restrictions are eventually lifted and the economy can begin to recover.

Congress also advise of the Following:

A new dedicated helpline for Workers who are renting and who have been impacted by COVID 19 has been set up by Threshold.

The Service will provide tailored advice for any worker worried about being able to pay the rent during the current crisis.

This advice is available through the following:

Freephone- 1800778899   Email- Service available Monday- Friday 9am-5pm ( For a 2 month period)

Note- This information may not be needed by you but it might be useful to a colleague or friend.


The Guinness Staff Union supports the launch of STOP 67

The Guinness Staff Union is proud to support the STOP67 campaign which was launched on the 23rd January .

In Ireland the state pension age is rising although the growing workforce and population is the youngest in Europe. That was a key message from the launch of STOP 67 which is a campaign of a Coalition of groups including SIPTU The National Women,s Council and Age Action Ireland who are seeking to stop the age for a state pension going to 67 from 1st January 2021

It is unacceptable that when people retire they are forced to sign on the dole for job seekers Benefit for nine months and means tested Job Seekers Allowance thereafter, even though they have worked and paid income tax all working their lives.

The main aims of the campaign are

  • Stop the implementation date of 1st January 2021 where the pension age is set to increase to 67 .
  • Retain the current date at age 66
  • Hold a cross part and community forum where the whole issue of pensions and retirement can be properly looked at and a national stratgey supported by all can be agreed.
  • Bring back the state pension age to 65.

The GSU has been active on the issue of State and occupational pensions through support of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions pensions policy and working with other Trade Union to Defend existing pension benefits for the current membership.

Dont forget as the General Election is only a short time away, if a candidate asks for you vote ask them do they support the aims of STOP67.

More information available on


Guinness Staff Union Delegates to attend DEF

The DEF held in London 2016

The GSU Executive Committee has nominated three delegates to attend this years Diageo European Forum ( DEF) which will be held in Edinburgh from the 5th to the 7th November.

The DEF is a consultative forum established under the rules of the European Works Councils which is a European directive that  aims to improve the consultative process in transnational  European Companies

In the past the GSU has raised issues like Family friendly policies, Bonus and pension benefits as well as  dignity at work and work related stress.

Not all of the markets represented at the Forum have trade Union representation . The GSU takes its responsibility as a member of the DEF very seriously and all GSU members are entitled to bring forward  issues that they believe should be raised at this forum.  Local and National issues are generally not raised but issues that affect members on a transnational basis are allowed. The GSU in conjunction with our colleagues in other Markets have jointly raised issues that effect staff on  a transnational basis in the past and will be doing so at this years forum.

If a member has an issue that they think should be raised at the DEF send an email to the GSU at:

The Guinness Staff Union signs an affiliation agreement with SIPTU

Pictured Left to right Mick Browne Gerry McCormick Teresa Hannick and Joe OFlynn SIPTU . John Dunne GSU Joe Cunningham SIPTU Jennifer Spurling GSU and Mark Power GSU

The Guinness Staff Union has signed an affiliation agreement with SIPTU the country’s largest Trade Union.

The Agreement was signed on the 9th October  at the SIPTU biannual conference held in Corks City Hall  .

Some key features of the agreement are that the GSU will remain an independent Trade Union and will continue to work under its existing rules and Executive Committee.

The Affiliation which is completely different to an amalgamation will afford certain agreed supports to be afforded to the GSU and will involve closer cooperation between the two Unions in working for the benefits of all workers in the Drinks Industry in Ireland.

The Agreement was the result of a decision made at the GSU Annual General Meeting in March 2019 where it was agreed that the Executive committee would explore the possibility of an affiliation with a bigger Union , the stipulation was that the Guinness Staff Union would remain an independent Union . Negotiations took place over a number of Months with the final document being the subject  of Extraordinary General Meetings which voted on the final proposal on the 10th September. The GSU members voted unanimously to accept the final proposals.

The Agreement was signed on behalf of the GSU by Mark Power Chair of the Executive Committee, Jennifer Spurling member of the Executive Committee and John Dunne General Secretary.

Joe OFlynn General Secretary and Joe Cunningham General Secretary designate signed the agreement on behalf of SIPTU.

The Guinness Staff Union Invites non members to Join our Union

The Guinness Staff Union represents all staff grades in Diageo Ireland. We are the Biggest Trade Union within the Diageo Company in Ireland , and we are the sole negotiating body for the grades that we represent.

If any member knows of a colleague who is not a Union Member , we ask you to talk to your colleague and invite them to Join the Guinness Staff Union . An application form is available on this website or from the Union directly. Just send an email to and we will send an application form together with some information on the Union to you or your colleague.

The Guinness Staff Union represents members on a range of collective and individual issues . We work with our colleagues in the Other Trade Unions within the Company and we are also actively involved in The Irish Congress of Trade Unions Private Sector Committee.

If groups or individuals wish to discuss the benefits of being a Union member just contact us through the email  address or Phone the Enterprise Center and we will get back to you to arrange a meeting.

So make that move today Join The GSU it makes sense.

The Guinness Staff Union is accessible to all members and we are located within the St James Gate area which is a unique rule of our Union . All inquiries are treated in strict Confidence.