ICTU Conference endorses GSU Housing Motion.

The Biannual Delegate Conference of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions has passed a motion from The Guinness Staff Union which seeks support for the NEVIN Economic Institute document ” Ireland’s Housing Emergency- Time for a Game Changer”
The motion was moved by The GSU General Secretary John Dunne at the Conference in Belfast on the 5th of July at the session on Housing and Social Solidarity.
The GSU put the issue of housing to Conference following a number of discussion the Union had with members over the last year where the issue of the affordability of Housing was raised by members .” The affordability of Housing is and always was a Trade Union issue and the Nevin Institute document provides realistic solutions which would benefit our members and the wider Trade Union movement” said John Dunne

The Guinness Staff Union will put housing Motion to Congress Conference

The Guinness Staff Union will propose a motion on the Housing Crisis at The Irish Congress of Trade Unions Conference in Belfast which takes place between the 3rd and the 6th July
The GSU will endorse the recently published document from the Nevin Institute which seeks to promote a European cost rental model and also socialise the cost of new affordable Housing through a designated Housing Company providing the badly needed houses across the Country.
Our own members have told us that the Housing issue is of huge concern to them and our younger members are finding it more difficult to secure accommodation as the costs associated with providing a home be it renting or buying are rising faster now than at any time in the past eight years said John Dunne the GSU General Secretary
The cost of renting in Dublin range from €1032 to €1911 per month depending on area . This makes it extremely difficult for any young worker if they wish to save for a deposit which is set at 20% of the total Mortgage value. Trade Unions across Ireland want the Housing Emergency addressed through adapting the proposals contained in the Nevin Institute document.

Successful Annual General Meeting of the Guinness Retired Staff Association

The AGM of the GRSA took place on the 17th May. The meeting was well attended and was a great opportunity for retired members to meet and hear what was a very comprehensive report from the chair of the GRSA Gerry McGovern.
The financial report was delivered by Philomena McCabe.
The AGM is also a great source of information for the retired members and they get the chance to hear what the GRSA Committee is doing on their behalf over the year.
This years AGM was also an opportunity for The General Secretary of The Guinness Staff Union John Dunne to inform the members of what has been going on during the year in relation to Pay negotiations, reorganisation and other issues that the Union is involved in on an ongoing basis.

If any retired member or deferred pension member wants to join the GRSA please email us for an application form at john.dunne@guinnessstaffunion.com or Contact the Union office at 107 James Street Dublin 8 , or telephone 01- 6435743.

BREXIT : Congress calls for Urgent Plan to ” Save Jobs & protect Employment Standards”

ICTU Private Sector Bulletin Spring 2017.

In Light of the very serious threat to many thousands of jobs in the manufacturing and services sector, Congress will now seek an urgent engagement with the Government, opposition parties and business groups such as IBEC, with a view to ensuring that the Brexit negotiations deliver an poutcome that protects and maintains workers livelihoods and supports high standards of employment.

Brexit presents us with and unparalleled challenge that will require a clear, co-ordinated and strategic response.

Current E.U. rules and short term thinking should not be used as an excuse when addressing the potentially devastating economic  impact of Brexit, a process that itself raises doubts about the very future of the European project.


Congress has published a short report on current employment in Ireland broken down by Sector in the Manufacturer and Services industries and the implications for Brexit on jobs .The report is available on www.ictu.ie.




Successful 2017 Annual General Meeting of the GSU.

Executive of the GSU thank all members for attending the Annual General Meeting on 8th March

The Executive Committee of the Guinness Staff Union was delighted with the packed Parochial Hall in James Street where the 48th Annual General Meeting of the Union was held on Wednesday 8th March.

agm1The Executive Committee of the Guinness Staff Union was delighted with the packed Parochial Hall in James Street where the 48th Annual General Meeting of the Union was held on Wednesday 8th March.

The AGM gets under way and yes that seat was taken as the room filled up!
A very comprehensive report was Given by the General Secretary John Dunne who expressed his thanks to all members of the Union who had welcomed him to the position of General Secretary following the retirement of Sean Mackell from the position after 23 years’ sterling service to the Union. Johns report covered the pay agreements reached for members employed under the TRF agreement and also our members in the Guinness Storehouse. He also touched on the many challenges facing the Union and the importance of recruitment for the future of the Union. The GSU has the biggest membership of organised members in Diageo Ireland and is one of the biggest Unions per capita in Diageo Europe .The AGM also agreed to a rule change proposed by members of the Brewing and Engineers Branch and supported by the Unions Executive. The meeting was Chaired by Alan McCabe who paid tribute to deceased members and friends and particularly GSU member Susan O’rawe who died suddenly in February this year. The Financial report was given by Stephen Stafford Hon. Treasurer of The Union.



John Dunne General Secretary delivers the 2017 Annual Report to the AGM.
The GSU would like to thank the staff at the Parochial Hall in James Street for facilitating such a large attendance .





The Chair Alan McCabe gets the AGM under way

AGM 2017 3-small

Stephen Stafford delivers the Financial Report

AGM 2017 4-small

Unions’ response to Brexit

European and British trade unions will work closely during the Brexit process to defend the interests and rights of workers across the continent.  That was the message from The  European Trade Union Congress (ETUC) General Secretary Luca Visentini, who said “we will fight to make certain that workers’ interests, both in the UK and in Europe, are not damaged by Brexit – and to ensure that trade unions are involved in the negotiations.”

He warned: “It is very likely that political and business elites will try to keep all the advantages that come from the EU for themselves, while doing all they can to weaken social protection and workers’ rights.”

On the Brexit negotiations, Visentini will say “We have been assured by the President of the European Commission that the ETUC will be properly consulted, and we expect the British government to do the same with the TUC.”

The GSU will also call at the ICTU level for trade unions,  particaurlly those with members in the Food and Drink Sector, to be consulted by the Government in relation to any aspect of the Brexit negotiations which could impact on workers’ rights.

GSU General Secretary, John Dunne, said: “It is important that the GSU maintains its strong links with the ICTU and through it the ETUC as the Brexit process continues. This situation demonstrates the importance of national and international links for the GSU now and into the future.”

The GSU and the ICTU

The GSU is affiliated to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU). The Union is currently represented at the ICTU Private Sector Committee and the ICTU Global Solidarity Committee.

The ICTU is holding its biennual conference in Belfast in April 2017. The GSU is entitled to put forward one motion to the conference. If any member has a particular issue which they think the Union should bring to the ICTU conference please talk to your representative on the Executive or send an email to the GSU.

Previously the Union had motions passed at conference on women’s rights, zero hours contracts and precarious work.

There are 830,000 people in membership of ICTU affiliated trade unions in the North and South of Ireland. Membership of trade unions is beginning to rise again , there is a very good reason for that, people in Unions are better off than those workers not organised. The Central Statics Office (CSO) National Employment Survey has shown that unionised workers consistently enjoy better pay and working conditions than those not in a union.

Remembers many employers are also members of unions such as IBEC and the Small Firms Association.