The Guinness Staff Union supports the launch of STOP 67

The Guinness Staff Union is proud to support the STOP67 campaign which was launched on the 23rd January .

In Ireland the state pension age is rising although the growing workforce and population is the youngest in Europe. That was a key message from the launch of STOP 67 which is a campaign of a Coalition of groups including SIPTU The National Women,s Council and Age Action Ireland who are seeking to stop the age for a state pension going to 67 from 1st January 2021

It is unacceptable that when people retire they are forced to sign on the dole for job seekers Benefit for nine months and means tested Job Seekers Allowance thereafter, even though they have worked and paid income tax all working their lives.

The main aims of the campaign are

  • Stop the implementation date of 1st January 2021 where the pension age is set to increase to 67 .
  • Retain the current date at age 66
  • Hold a cross part and community forum where the whole issue of pensions and retirement can be properly looked at and a national stratgey supported by all can be agreed.
  • Bring back the state pension age to 65.

The GSU has been active on the issue of State and occupational pensions through support of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions pensions policy and working with other Trade Union to Defend existing pension benefits for the current membership.

Dont forget as the General Election is only a short time away, if a candidate asks for you vote ask them do they support the aims of STOP67.

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