Trade Union Institute looks at impact of COVID 19 on the Economy

The Nevin Trade Union Institute which is supported by The Irish Congress of Trade Unions(ICTU) of which The Guinness Staff Union ( GSU) is an affiliate, publishes economic analysis from a Trade Union perspective and gives advice to Trade Unions on a wider range of Economic issues like , Pay and Taxation Policy as well as Housing and Health Care.

The Nevin institutes Dr Tom McDonnell wrote an article that was published on the 31st March which we believe should be of interest to all Trade Union Members and the wider public . Tom has assisted the Private Sector Committee of the ICTU ( Which the GSU is a member of)over many years in relation to Pay and Pensions among other matters.

This article outlines the short and medium terms economic challenges from COVID 19  as well as offering  solutions to offset a return to recession and austerity

Please click below to read this very interesting article.